Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jigsaw Puzzle - "Edwardian Boutique"

I thought I'd show you an example today of what Paint Shop Pro can do to give new life to a poor scan of a painting that I found online. The original picture looked very dull and almost monochrome as you can see below:

All I did was tweak it with some of the adjustment tools in PSP to bring the colors back to life as you can see below. Just for fun, I turned the picture into a jigsaw puzzle. I hope you enjoy it.

This puzzle was created with BrainsBreaker which you can buy HERE, but you don't need to buy the program to play my puzzle. Click HERE to download the puzzle.

I'm making a lot of progress making samples using the 8mm 2-hole Candy Beads that I told you about HERE. I've still got a few more ideas to try and maybe we'll have enough sun soon for me to take photos of everything I've been making.


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