Monday, February 5, 2018

Where to buy 3mm Czech Round Druk Beads

If you're going to make our "Lizbeth Band" pattern, you're going to need some 3mm round beads. As you probably know, the 3mm ones aren't as readily available as the 4mm ones. It was even harder to find them in 3mm when I first started beading a few years ago but more and more shops are starting to carry them. Besides searching for the word "druks", also try searching for "smooth round" or "pressed round" beads. You might also try searching for Czech glass pearls and Czech melon beads.

Paloma's Path Bracelet

It's a mystery to me why bead sites and local shops don't sell more 3mm beads. I counted at least 24 of Deb Roberti's patterns that call for that size and those are just the patterns of hers that I have. That alone should prompt the bead suppliers to stock up on 3mm druks and pearls since Deb's are the most popular beading patterns in the entire world.

Quick SuperDuo Bracelet

I'm including quite a few examples in this post of bracelets and earrings that are made with 3mm druks or pearls.

SuperDuo Rosette Bracelet

All of the shops below have druks in the 3mm size:

Ankes-Perlenstube (Germany)

I didn't see any druks here but they do have 3mm melon beads.


Aura Crystals

I've been buying beads from Aura Crystals almost as long as I've been beading. However, it is only in the past couple of years that they've started carrying the 3mm size. They have a nice selection but it seems to be gradually dwindling.

Bead Buddies

No druks but they have a lot of 3mm glass pearls

Bead House (Netherlands)

BeadsParade Etsy

ArteBellaSurplus Etsy

Arte Bella Surplus has them in six colors

Bead Haven

Bead Passion Studio

Beads Gone Wild

No druks that I could find but they do have 3mm Czech pearls

Beads Mine (Italy)

Bello Modo

CJ Beaders UK

They have a few colors

Crystals and Ice Bead Shop (UK)

CzechBeadsExclusive Etsy

Di Marca Online (France)

DrBead Etsy

EarthTreasuresGems Etsy

Eureka Crystal Beads

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

Fofinhas Perlenstuebchen (Germany)

Fusion Beads

They have 3mm druks, melon beads and Fiesta pearls

Gyöngysziget (Hungary)

Highly Strung Beads (UK)

No druks but they have a nice selection of 3mm glass pearls

Hobby Lobby

I haven't searched their website but they do sell 3mm metal beads in the store and they're often 50% off.

JellyBeads (Australia)

Small assortment

Jill Wiseman Designs

Lima Beads

Odyssey Cache

Odyssey Cache Etsy

Old Bicycle Shop (UK)

Over the Rainbow (Australia)

They have a few 3mm glass pearls

Perles & Co (UK)

Potomac Beads

Queen City Bead Etsy

Red Panda

Robin's Beads (UK)

ScaraBeads (Czech Republic)

ScaraBeads Etsy (Czech Republic)

Shipwreck Beads

They have some 3mm druks and 3mm Preciosa pearls

Simply Beads USA

Druks and 3mm glass pearls

Spoilt Rotten Beads (UK)

A small assortment of 3mm druks and pearls

SupplyEmporium Etsy

The Bead Obsession

Just a few colors in 3mm

Arulla Earrings

Princess Earrings

Petites Fleurs Earrings

Lovely Lace Bracelet

Sophia Bracelet

Eclipse Bracelet

Quick SuperDuo Bracelet

Starflower Bracelet

SuperDuo Rosette Bracelet

Lizbeth Band



  1. Thanks, Linda, good to know! You're right that it's hard to find 3mm especially round.

  2. Beadlady a.k.a. Cindy's Crafts has lots of druks and crystals, firepolished in 3mm and 4 mm. Some beautiful colors. Check them out. That's where I get mine. Cindys Crafts


  3. I would like to add Fire Mountain Gems to the list of online bead retailers. They sell 3 mm pearls, druks and fire polished.

    1. Thanks, Debra. They're on the list. I added them early this morning.

    2. Oops! Sorry Linda, I missed that somehow when I first read through the list.

  4. Gyöngysziget in Hungary has a nice selection of 3mm druks, as well as 3mm firepolished beads.

    I don't know about shipping costs to the US, but within Europe, they are reasonable.

    1. Thank you, Yersinia. I just added them to the list. They have a very nice selection of druks and Fiesta pearls. I did have them on my main bead shop list but somehow missed them when I compiled this list.

  5. FYI - Lima Beads is having a good sale and free shipping for Feb.