Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Lace Doily

You can download the tutorial, as well as all the necessary supplies, HERE. The tutorial will work in Paint Shop Pro versions 8 through X6 (and later). You will need to have the Super BladePro plugin. The tutorial has instructions for making the example above. There are several different "mesh" patterns included in the ZIP file as well as a few other decorative ornaments, such as the ones I used in the frame below.

Here are a couple more ideas for ways to use this technique:



  1. This looks awesome. The link no longer exists. Do you have this posted anywhere else? Thanks!

    1. Hi Barbara. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Michele's site went away a few weeks ago and I forgot that I had linked some of my tutorials to her site. I do have the files and will upload them this morning. Check back in a little while.

    2. I just updated the link to the tutorial supplies.

  2. Thanks so much for getting back to be so quickly Linda. I downloaded the files and can not wait to try this. Your lace is gorgeous to say the least! Thanks Again!