Thursday, March 20, 2014

New SuperDuo Beads

They've probably been out for a while now but I've just started trying some of the new "Crystal" SuperDuo beads recently. Just yesterday I received a package with three pretty new colors to try: "Crystal Lazure Blue", "Crystal Picasso" and "Crystal Pink Luster". I bought them from Aria Design Studio on Etsy. I've seen the "Crystal Picasso" and the pink ones on other sites online but I haven't seen the "Crystal Lazure Blue" ones anywhere but Aria's shop. In the photo above, I included some regular opaque "Chalk Lazure Blue" SuperDuo beads so you can see how well they go with the crystal ones in the same color. HERE is a link to them in Aria's shop.

I was hoping that the "Crystal Pink Luster" (aka "Crystal Red Luster" in some shops) ones would go well with my "Luster Rose Gold Topaz" fire polished beads so that I can make a bracelet to match my Layered Tila Earrings. They go just as well as I had hoped as you can see below.

These are the beads that I use to make the earrings next to the new crystal SuperDuo beads:

Here's a sample of the Tallulah Tila bracelet that I'd like to make to go with my earrings:

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