Monday, March 10, 2014

Graphics Freebie: Super BladePro Presets

Click HERE to download a few presets that I've made for using with the plugin filter Super BladePro. Super BladePro works with graphics programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro to create amazing special effects. You can buy Super BladePro from Flaming Pear HERE.

Here's are samples of what's included in the ZIP file:

Here are a few ideas for ways to use Super BladePro in your graphics projects:


  1. thanks this is something I would use for sure in photoshop

  2. purchased super blade pro and psp 8 again after buying a new computer. Don't know how to get these presets to work anymore! Can sit a whole day trying without any result... I used to work with psp2, now 8 is different. Don't know if I should start a new file as a vector, or transparent, etc. Did indeed download these perfect presets, thank you, tried to apply it and the letters just remain white or grey or whatever.
    I always loved to finish my creations with a little gold, anybody can help me out please? I'm definitely no expert! Thank you!

    1. Hi Leonieke. Did you mean PSP 2 and PSP 8 or PSP X2 and PSP X8? Either way, Super BladePro does work with both PSP 8 and X8.

      Start with a Raster image. If you're using text, use either Floating or Selection, not Vector. Well, you can use Vector text but it must be converted to Raster before apply any plugins. Also, before you apply Super BladePro, make sure that you have a selection. I also suggest that you create a new layer so that you can apply a drop shadow later if you like.

      Start with either white text or an empty selection if you want the preset to look the same colors are my examples. Otherwise the underlying color will affect the outcome.

    2. I meant to say to create your text or selection on a new layer rather than on the background layer.