Saturday, March 29, 2014

Organization Inspiration - Part III: My Beads - Part 1

I use two stacks of square Snapware containers to store most of my "special" beads. By special, I mean pretty much anything other than seed beads. In them I store beads that are in little bags rather than in tubes. As you can see, some of the trays are getting very full but I've got six more trays on the way from Amazon. They should get here sometime next week.      

SuperDuo beads (green and turquoise):

SuperDuo beads (everything else):

Both of those trays are getting too full so I need to add a third one.

6mm fire polished beads

I've got the transparent ones in one section and the opaque ones in another.

4mm fire polished beads
These will probably get a second tray when they get here.
3mm fire polished beads
Again, divided into transparent and opaque.
Bicones (all sizes)
I may split these up into two trays because this one is very full.
3mm in one section and 4mm in the other.
Specialty Beads
This tray has several different kinds of extra special beads: Rulla beads, Tila beads, Half Tila beads, CzechMates and CzechMates Bricks. I've got enough Tilas now that I think they deserve their own full tray.
4mm druks and pearls
I don't have many 6mm druks so I keep those in another location.
3mm druks and pearls
3mm druks aren't easy to come by but you can see that I've amassed a pretty nice collection of them. That required a LOT of internet searching and I also got lucky when the local shop got in a big assortment of them from Nirvana Beads a while back. They don't normally sell them in that size at Beadoholique. Please let me know if you are aware of a good source for them, mainly in opaque colors. I've seen bits and pieces here and there on Etsy but it's rarely worth the shipping cost to buy just the one color that a shop might be selling.

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