Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Organization Inspiration - Part II: My Beading Projects

Today you'll find out what I use the marker pens for. I have two of these large stacks of Snapware trays that you see in the above photo where I store little containers holding all my beading projects in the works. The marker is a dry-erase pen which I use to label the lids of the containers so that I'll know which pattern I'm using for each project. I have two of those markers in my kit but one of them I keep in there because it has a built-in eraser on the end of it. I got the little plastic storage containers at Dollar Tree where they come 10 per package. 

Then, I use a little pieces of card stock (cut to 1 x 1.5 inches) to jot down which beads I'm planning to use for each project. If there's more than one sample in a container, I make a separate tag for each one. That's also helpful if I decide later not to make that project and need to remember which beads I used to make the samples. With all the different shades of bronze and silver seed beads that I've got, I'd rather not have to try and guess which one I used later. 

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