Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beadwork Samples: From Sidonia's video tutorials

Below are the samples that I made last night from Sidonia's video tutorials. The earrings were made from her "Art Deco Style Earrings" tutorial. I made those a while back and put them in the picture so you can see that they're similar to the "Little Dots" motif as she mentions in that video. You can watch the "Art Deco Earrings" video HERE. I used fire polished beads in my earrings because I liked how they looked better than bicones.

The blue "Sweet Romance" sample at the top was made with 4mm bicones and 11/0 seed beads. As you can see, it works perfectly fine in that size. I may even like it better than the smaller size. The sample below that has the sizes that are called for in the tutorial. 

The bottom sample is Sidonia's "Little Dots". The motifs seem a little too fat for a bracelet but they'd make cute earrings. 

If you view the photo full size (click on it), I think you can see that the netting in the center "Little Dots" example as well as the one just to the right of it, is a little neater than on the others. That's because I went back through it to tighten it up. She doesn't mention that you should do that but I think it's important. You can see how messy it looks in the two left examples. I found that it's easiest to do that right away as you add each "arch" of seed beads rather than going back through the whole bracelet later. Simply circle back around through them before proceeding as directed.