Friday, March 7, 2014

Beadwork Challenge: Aisling Bracelet

I got this Nancy Peterson pattern last year back when I was still new to beading. I made a few attempts but always gave up in frustration. Not that I couldn't follow the pattern. The problem was my beads. It seemed like I always ended up with a puckered mess or I reached a point where my needle would no longer go through the beads. The bracelet is supposed to have a sculptured look but not quite like what I was getting. Here's a photo that I took of one of my samples that didn't turn out too bad:

I'm ready to give it another shot because it's such a pretty design and I've got a lot more beading experience now and should be able to work through some of the issues I had before. I will also try using FireLine this time. I'd never heard of it back when I last tried the pattern.

Has anyone tried this pattern and/or have photos to share of the finished bracelet? I've only seen it done as you see in Nancy's photo. If I have time today, I'll make some new samples and see if I can figure out what type of beads work the best. Note that Nancy used matte seed beads and I suspect that might make a difference in the outcome. Anyway, I'll post some photos and comments here as I give this pattern another try.

You can buy the pattern HERE for $7.25.


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