Saturday, October 15, 2016

Where to buy Crystal Rose Montees


HERE is an article that explains what Rose Montees are. I'm aware of two different types: Chaton Montees and Flatback Montees and I've used both kinds. The flatback kind are thin and are generally used on top of your beadwork as an embellishment. The chaton type work best when used like beads as part of the beadwork because they're quite thick. I used Chaton Montees in the bracelet at the top of this post. You can read about that bracelet HERE. The bracelet at the bottom of this post was made with the flatback type and you can read about that bracelet HERE.

Here are some Chaton Montees:

And, here are some Flatback Montees:

I found quite a few sources for them with Google but I narrowed it down to this list of somewhat familiar bead sites. I've only bought them once or twice and I got them from Crystalized Montees on Etsy.

Aria Design Studio Etsy


CrystalizedMontees Etsy

Dreamtime Creations

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

Fusion Beads

Happy Jack's Bead Emporium

Isabella Lam

Jill Wiseman Designs

Mie's Beads

Off the Beaded Path

Potomac Beads

Robin's Beads (UK)

Shipwreck Beads

The Southampton Bead Shop (UK)


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  1. The montees add a lovely bit of sparkle to the bracelets