Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where to Buy 8mm 2-Hole Preciosa Candy Beads

ArteBellaSurplus Etsy

BeadFlairCreations Etsy

Bead Passion Studio

BeadPassionStudio Etsy

BeadsOfBohemia Etsy

BodaciousRockz Etsy

Charlene's Beads

clbeads Etsy

CzechBeadsExclusive Etsy

DanishPrincessBeads Etsy

Lanabeads2 Etsy

QueenCityBead Etsy

Red Panda

ScaraBeads Etsy

Shipwreck Beads

SpringBeadCompany Etsy

SupplyEmporium Etsy

SweetBeadsLV Etsy



  1. Three questions. 1) I usually see one of an earring, in several different colors. When you make these, do you make a pair, or just one sample? Question 2) Do you sell these? If so, where? 3) Donations: I enjoy getting your emails and seeing your wonderful color combos. The Donate button just near "beading pattern donations" - - do those go to you, or do you spread them out with the pattern designer? Thank you!

    1. Hi Bobbie. Whenever I try a new earring pattern, I make samples in every colorway that I can think of to see what appeals to me and then I decide which ones I want to make. If there are samples that I like well enough, I'll make a complete pair for myself or someone else. I like to post my samples here on my blog in case somebody else might like a colorway that I didn't care for. When I do make a complete pair of earrings, I usually blog about it in a separate post from my samples.

      Other than a few sales to relatives and friends, I don't sell my beadwork. I might open an Etsy shop some day but I don't plan to do that at this time.

      The donations come to me and I use them to buy beading supplies. Every now and then I will buy some beads for my friend Teejay using the donation money since she does design many of the patterns.