Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bracelet of the Day: Tweaked Jolie Band - Blue & Ivory

  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • 6mm 2-hole cabochons "Chalk White Baby Blue Luster"
  • Arcos® par Puca® beads "Opaque Beige Luster"
  • Minos® par Puca® beads "Opaque Beige Luster"
  • MiniDuo beads "Crystal Gold Bronze"

I came up with my tweaked version of Deb's pattern after making this same colorway using her original version of "Jolie Bands". You can read my other post HERE. I thought it would be fun to make one of the tweaked bracelets using the same colors and I love how the seed beads outline the ivory beads so that they show up better. Regular "Jolie" is a cute casual style bracelet. Adding the MiniDuos and a border to each motif makes it a little more dressy. Below is the original version of the bracelet in this colorway:

Original Jolie Band

Download Deborah Roberti's free "Linda's Tweaked Jolie Band" pattern from Around the Beading Table HERE. You can get the Arcos® par Puca® and Minos® par Puca® beads at QueenCityBead on Etsy. Red Panda has a good assortment of Arcos and Minos as well as 2-hole cabochons.


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