Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bracelet of the Day: Tweaked Jolie Band - Petrol & Gold Luster

  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Metallic Chocolate" (461)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Metallic Chocolate" (461)
  • 6mm 2-hole cabochons "Chalk White Gold Luster"
  • Arcos® par Puca® beads "Pastel Petrol"
  • Minos® par Puca® beads "Pastel Petrol"
  • MiniDuo beads "Polychrome Indigo Orchid"

Last week I made a lot of "Jolie Bands" and "Fina" bracelets to try out some of the new Arcos and Minos colors that I'd gotten. I was starting to get a little tired of making the same two bracelet designs over and over but there aren't any other patterns that I like that call for Arcos and Minos beads. I wondered if perhaps I could embellish Deborah Roberti's "Jolie Bands" design in some way so that I'd have a third bracelet pattern option for these beads and I came up with this version. I showed my idea to Deb and she loved it. A new free pattern from Around the Beading Table is the result and I hope you like it as well as I do. It's just as quick and easy to make as Deb's original "Jolie" pattern and the addition of the MiniDuos makes for more color possibilities.

Just as with the original "Jolie" pattern, Miyuki seed beads are recommended. However, if you must use Toho beads, they might work or you can adjust the beads to make them fit. I'll be blogging about that issue on Friday.

Note that my bead list above calls for some 8/0 seed beads but the actual pattern does not. That's because I make my clasp loop differently than the pattern instructs. I use an 8/0 bead on each end to attach my clasps with jump rings.

The MiniDuos that I used in today's bracelet aren't actually the same color as the Arcos and Minos beads but they're as close as I could come. In certain light, they look purple instead of blue but that doesn't bother me.

Download the free "Linda's Tweaked Jolie Band" pattern from Around the Beading Table HERE. You can get the Arcos® par Puca® and Minos® par Puca® beads at QueenCityBead on Etsy. Red Panda has a good assortment of Arcos and Minos as well as 2-hole cabochons.


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