Thursday, September 13, 2018

Where to buy...ZoliDuo & PaisleyDuo Beads

ZoliDuo Beads
ZoliDuos and PaisleyDuos are similar in shape and I'm pretty sure that they can be used interchangeably. The main difference between them is that ZoliDuos are flat on the back and rounded on the front. When you buy ZoliDuos, you have to buy right and left beads separately. PaisleyDuos are the same on both sides. I have only used ZoliDuos so I have no example beadwork to show you with PaisleyDuos. Below is a list of places to buy both kinds of beads online.

PaisleyDuo Beads


Ankes-Perlenstube (Germany) (ZoliDuos)

Aura Crystals (PaisleyDuos)

Beadaholique (ZoliDuos)

BeadBistroCrafts - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

BeadAndGlassBoutique - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

BeadFlairCreations - Etsy (UK) (PaisleyDuos)

BeadFX (Canada) (ZoliDuos)

Bead Passion Studio (ZoliDuos)

BeadPassionStudio - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

Beads Direct (USA) (ZoliDuos)

BeadsForMyString - Etsy (ZoliDuos & PaisleyDuos)

BeadsOfBohemia - Etsy (Czechia) (ZoliDuos)

Bead House (Netherlands) (ZoliDuos)

Beads Mine (Italy) (ZoliDuos)

Bello Modo (ZoliDuos)

Bijoux Components (Czech Republic) (ZoliDuos)

BurkeGemsBeads - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

Charlene's Beads (ZoliDuos & PaisleyDuos)

Creative Beadcraft (UK) (ZoliDuos)

Crystals and Ice Bead Shop (UK) (ZoliDuos)

DesertStarCreations - Etsy (PaisleyDuos)

DH-Perlenshop (Germany) (ZoliDuos)

Eureka Crystal Beads (ZoliDuos & PaisleyDuos)

Eureka Crystal Beads (ZoliDuos)

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads (ZoliDuos)

Fofinhas Perlenstuebchen (Germany) (ZoliDuos)

Fusion Beads (ZoliDuos)

Gyöngysziget (Hungary) (ZoliDuos)

HobbyPerline (Italy) (ZoliDuos)

Jill Wiseman Designs (ZoliDuos)

KnotJustBeads (ZoliDuos)

LadyBugsBeadsandBobs - Etsy (UK) (ZoliDuos)

Old Bicycle Shop (UK) (ZoliDuos)

Over the Rainbow (Australia) (ZoliDuos)

Perles & Co (UK) (ZoliDuos)

PoppyAndGenesBeadery - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

PotomacBeads - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

Potomac Beads (ZoliDuos & PaisleyDuos)

QueenCityBead - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

Red Panda (ZoliDuos)

Rockin Beads (ZoliDuos)

ScaraBeads - Etsy (Czechia) (ZoliDuos)

ScaraBeads (Czech Republic) (ZoliDuos)

Scarletbeads - Etsy (Israel) (ZoliDuos)

Southpassbeads - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

Spoilt Rotten Beads (UK) (PaisleyDuos)

The Northern Bead Company (Canada) (ZoliDuos)

ToriBethDesigns - Etsy (ZoliDuos)

Vivaccessories - Etsy (Israel) (ZoliDuos)

Whim Beads (ZoliDuos)


  1. That was fast! Thank you for all the research.

  2. Hi Linda, Can you tell me the colors of the irisduos and zoliduos in the bottom picture.. it looks like copper and pastel petrol?

    1. Hi Julie. You're right. I blogged about that bracelet HERE.

    2. There are also some pewter seed beads.