Thursday, June 30, 2016

Free Graphics - Seed Catalog Calendar Series

Today's picture is taken from another wall calendar that I designed for 2013. This calendar featured collages using covers from old seed catalogs, lace borders from old postcards and other vintage images. This is what the inside of the calendar looked like:

And, this was the cover page for the calendar:

I actually created 18 different collages and let my friend Lorraine choose twelve of them to use for the final calendar which she printed and bound.

I will post more of these seed catalog pictures periodically when I don't have any beadwork projects to blog about. The images are much larger than the appear on my blog. Feel free to use them to make greeting cards, computer desktop wallpaper, calendars or scrapbook pages, etc. but please do not sell them.

Tomorrow I will be posting a new free bracelet pattern for download.



  1. Wonderful how even the flowers appear 'vintage' - lovely! Will be watching out for the the beading project.

    1. The flowers are from old botanical prints so they are vintage. The card with the lady on it is an old "cigarette card". Apparently they used to come in packs of cigarettes like the baseball trading cards that come in gum packages these days, or at least I think they still do that.