Monday, December 7, 2015

Wishing for beads...

As a continuation of yesterday's post, I found some photos that illustrate some of the kinds of finishes that I'd like to see in the colors that I posted. I love the somewhat translucent "milky" look of some of these beads. They're obviously available somewhere because someone made these pieces of jewelry with them.

I just bought the beads below on Small Business Saturday. They're just plain opaque glass but I love the clear, clean color and they're a very pretty blue that I'd never seen anywhere before. Obviously I had to buy them. They're 3mm fire polished beads and unfortunately that was the only size they had in that color.



  1. The color on the necklace you posted yesterday look very much like the opal series of superduos so maybe the other types of beads will be available sometime soon. Ann

    1. I was looking around on the Starman site at the SuperDuos the other day and they've got a series called "Milky" and it comes in various shades of light aqua/turquoise but they don't have anything in a green similar to the necklace above. The only green is lime green. I've seen the Milky Aquamarine and Milky Peridot in shops online but so far I haven't seen the Milky Seafoam anywhere. They're pretty colors but a little lighter than I'd like. I don't like having to worry about black thread showing. I don't know who makes the "Opal" series, which looks very similar to the "Milky" series. I didn't see anything "Opal" on the Starman site so maybe they're from BeadSmith or Matubo.

  2. Check out BEADSDIRECTUS.COM they have lots of colors to chose from.Ann

  3. HauteHobby etsy milky opal turquoise 4mm!!! and lots of colors we never see here Italy Ann

  4. I agree - these are wonderful. I would buy them all.

  5. I really like these colors too! I would also buy them. :-)

  6. has a nice "opal seafoam" and their "opal green luster" and "opaque turquoise green luster" is pretty as well.