Friday, June 20, 2014

Bracelet of the Day: Craving Crystal - Green

Craving Crystal - Band #2
  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (11-457D)
  • 4mm druks "Green Luster" (Robin's Beads - UK)
  • 4mm bicones "Emerald" (no info available)

This is the second variation of Deb Roberti's new "Craving Crystal" pattern, which you can buy HERE. I got the green bicones from the "Chinavoski" bin at the local bead shop so there is no color information for them. My friend, Teejay, sent me the druks for Christmas. I've never seen that color locally or on any of the US bead sites. She found them at Robin's Beads, which is a UK bead site. They have quite a few druks in colors that aren't available anywhere else that I know of. And, they have a very good selection of them in 3mm, which is a hard size to find in good colors. Teejay also sent me some that turned out to be the same as my "Chalk Lazure Blue" SuperDuo beads but they call them "Blue Luster". Robin's Beads has free shipping if you live in the UK.



  1. this is pretty. I would like to make this.

  2. I bought the pattern after seeing this bracelet on your blog, and it turned out beautifu! Thanks so much. I tweaked the pattern a little by adding another element between the main components, to reduce the number of Swarovski bicones (because they are expensive in Malaysia, where I live, and also to have a motif which matched a necklace I had made in another pattern, to tie the two pieces together). Here is a picture:

    1. Your bracelet is very pretty and I like the added motifs too. Can you get Chinese bicones where you live? That's what I used and they're MUCH cheaper than Swarovski crystals.

    2. Yes, I can, and they are indeed much more affordable! But because I was making it as a gift and using light Siam bicones, I wanted it to be as sparkly as it could be ­čśä The colour of your bicones is very unusual though. I've not seen that colour before.

    3. I found those green bicones in a local bead shop and they never had that same color again. They never put any color names or numbers on them and they were all in a huge bin that you had to dig through to find what you wanted. At least they did mark the sizes on them.

    4. I love big bins that I can dig through! I always feel like I might find treasure ­čśé The Chinese bicones don't usually have names, I think. If they do, they tend to "borrow" from the Swarovski colors.