Friday, January 22, 2016

Bethany Earrings & Duo Kheops Set - Ivory & Gold

  • 11/0 seed beads Toho "Metallic Olivine Bronze Iris" (513)
  • 8/0 seed beads Toho "Metallic Olivine Bronze Iris" (513)
  • SuperDuo beads "Crystal Amber Gold Full"
  • SuperDuo beads "Pastel Light Cream (25110)"

This is the fourth of five pairs of "Bethany Earrings" that I've made to go with five "Duo Kheops" bracelets. The earrings are my variation of Beth Clark's "Beth Duo Earrings" pattern which you can download HERE. The bracelet pattern is from Marina Beads on Etsy and you can buy it HERE. You can read my previous post about this bracelet HERE.

I finally got my sister's necklace re-strung yesterday and the only cost was for about a dollar's worth of Fireline and a postage stamp. Click HERE to read my previous post about the necklace. 

Jeanie Callaghan sent me a few yards of 8lb Fireline and suggested that I just go around the entire necklace a few times with it, making a knot or two. I went around with the 8lb Fireline a couple of times then went around twice more with some 6lb Fireline. 

Jeanie's idea was perfect because now it makes no difference which way my sister wears the necklace because it's a continuous loop. There's no clasp or anything to indicate where the thread ended. I also realized as I was stringing the beads that there was no way that I could have done this without a needle. Because the paper beads were handmade, the holes weren't always easy to get through, even with a needle. 

I just happen to have a top that goes perfectly with the necklace so I took a selfie so you can see the final result.

Beading News: Another site with "Chocolate" beads

And, I'm happy to announce that at my request, Aura Crystals now has Miyuki's "Metallic Chocolate (461)" seed beads in all of the sizes, including 6/0. Here are the links to each size:

15/0 Metallic Chocolate (461)

11/0 Metallic Chocolate (461)

8/0 Metallic Chocolate (461)

6/0 Metallic Chocolate (461)

If you're interested in this color, I suggest ordering them promptly. I noticed yesterday that Red Panda has already sold out of them 11/0 and 8/0.



  1. Great job fixing your sister's necklace Linda - it looks wonderful. I often make a very long necklace without a clasp out of paper beads very similar to the one you made. I like it because you can wear it long, or looped twice, and can get it over your head easily. Also, the beads are so light they don't need a heavy wire. Paper bead making is fun - you should try it! If you google Dee Rick's blog "A Passion for Paper" you'll see what I mean. I'm absolutely hooked!

  2. The necklace came out wonderfully! Your sister will be very pleased! And isn't it a lovely necklace, too! The colors are just great!

  3. I love the winter white earrings and matching bracelet.So pretty. I also LOVE your sister's necklace. I love colour! and this is so cute. Nice job you girls did with fixing it.

    1. I was tempted to keep the necklace after I saw how it went perfectly with my top.