Saturday, August 22, 2015

Princess Earrings - Pattern and video in Russian


I blogged about these earrings back in May, HERE. They are the creation of my friend, Robin, who teaches a class at the local bead shop. Apparently Anna Puplyaeva saw the photo on Pinterest and came up with her own method for making them. I hadn't posted the pattern here because I didn't have Robin's permission to do so. If you'd like to try making them, Anna has a diagram posted on her blog, HERE, and also a video photo tutorial on YouTube, HERE.

I took a quick look at Anna's video and her method is a little different than Robin's. I'm not sure why, but she starts with the top motif then works down both sides of the earring and then connects them at the bottom. Robin also starts with the top motif but she works her way down one side, then makes the bottom part and then works her way back up the other side.

Here is one of my sample earrings that I made with smaller beads and no drop at the bottom:


  1. Great! These earrings make absolute perfect set with Deborah Robertis Garden necklace! Thank you for noting this pattern!

    1. Yes, they do go very well with the Garden Necklace. The pattern makes very big earrings as written. I prefer them with smaller beads. I use 3mm druks and 15/0 seed beads for the smaller ones.