Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beading News: Silky Cameo Bracelet preview and more


I probably won't have anything new to post on my blog this week because I won't be able to take any photos. My son is borrowing my camera all week while he's on vacation. I did manage to snap the photo above this morning before it started to rain. They're predicting a lot of rain for this week so photo taking might have been out of the question anyway.

Last night I started working on the "Silky Cameo Bracelet" pattern. I made more samples and got all of the steps written down. I will probably work on making the pattern illustrations this week. I experimented with some different connections between the Silky beads but I still like my original idea the best. However, I may include a couple of optional connector motifs for the pattern.

The best news is that I've altered the procedure slightly since I posted my first sample on Friday, HERE. With my new method, any type of Silky bead will have the "cameo" look and the "chains" of 15/0 seed beads will stay put along the sides of the Silkies bumps. Normally, the chains would slide off of any really slick and shiny Silkies.

Oh, and if you look closely, you'll see that I used a couple of the new 4mm "Sueded Gold" druks that I blogged about on Wednesday, HERE. The color goes very nicely with the new "Opaque Green Turquoise Picasso" Silkies that I just got in the mail yesterday from Red Panda.

I'm also currently working on an earring pattern review. I'll post it on my blog after I've made a few more pairs of earrings and have my camera back to take the photos.

Lastly, Deborah Roberti has a new pattern out. It's called "Eclipse Necklaces" and they go with her "Eclipse Bracelet and Earrings" pattern to make a complete set. You can buy the pattern on Around the Beading Table HERE.


  1. I love your samples! I also love the optional connections! Such a versatile design! Looking forward to your directions and seeing more gorgeous samples.

  2. Just got home from a long vacation in California where my brother has a granite business.I never had time to go to any bead shops. I have been having fun reading Linda's blog. have been a busy lady. So many beautiful bracelets and earrings. I so love them all and can't wait to get beading. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Linda, I have been following you for sometime now and I love your style. I love the dark bronze seed beads that you use but I can't find (Dark Bronze 457D). Could you tell me were you get them in size 8/0? I love the look of the dark bronze gives.

    1. I buy them from Charlene's Beads. They are on THIS page. Aura Crystals also has that color in all three sizes. HERE is the page for the 8/0's. They don't always have the "D" after the number. If they're just called "Bronze - 457" that's the same color. Miyuki only makes one other metallic bronze which is called "Light Bronze - 457L".