Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Druk Colors - Sueded Gold

Yesterday I went to a local bead shop that I hadn't been to in a while. Since I was there last, the shop has moved to a location that's quite a bit closer to me and I wanted to check out the new location. 1960 Beads has a nice selection of the kinds of beads that I use but I didn't see much that I don't already have. However, I did find two strands of 4mm druks in colors that I haven't seen anywhere before. They are labeled as "Suede Gold" but they definitely don't have the typical suede finish. To me they look more like they've got a "halo" finish. In fact, one of the colors looks a bit like "Halo Heavens". When I got home, I searched the internet for druks with the halo finish and got nothing.

Then I had a brainstorm and took a look on the Starman site. They're a wholesale distributor of many of the Czech beads that are sold in shops everywhere. Sure enough, I found them there. This must be a brand new finish because nobody is selling them yet that I know of except for 1960 Beads. They are called "Sueded Gold" but it's not the same kind of finish as the "Metallic Suede" beads that are so popular right now.  I found my two colors in the list, which you can see HERE. I bought "Sueded Gold Light Teal" and "Sueded Gold Emerald". I'm actually not quite sure which "Teal" I have. There's a "Teal" and a "Light Teal" and they both look pretty much like what I've got. Although the tag on mine didn't specify "Light", I'm pretty sure that they are the "Light Teal". As you can see in the three photos below, all three colors look very similar:

Here's a photo of my beads:

If you look through the 4mm druk page on the Starman site, you'll see that there are also a few other colors with the "Sueded Gold" finish. Hopefully the bead shops will start carrying those colors soon because I'd love to get some of them. They apparently only come in 4mm and 6mm druks. Here are the other 4mm druk colors:

Sueded Gold Amethyst


Sueded Gold Tanzanite


Sueded Gold Sapphire


Sueded Gold Olivine


Sueded Gold Capri Blue


Gold Sueded Garnet


  1. Linda GR8BEADS Etsy has the light and dark teal and the capri blue in 4mm slightly more exspensive than what you paid plus shipping added on. Hugs Ann

    1. Thanks for the info, Ann. I figured they must be available somewhere but they're not at any of the online shops that I visit regularly.

  2. Love these new beads! They are heavenly! (lol - halo - lol). Thanks so much for finding them. I will be looking for them, too. I can't wait to see what you will make with them!

    1. I have "Halo Heavens" Superduos and fire polished beads and both of the druk colors go pretty well with them.

  3. Linda, Beads and Baubles in Berkeley (and online) is selling the whole line of these beads, and they're on sale right now!

    1. I had a little trouble finding the site because it's called Baubles & Beads, not Beads & Baubles. Here is the link to the site: Baubles & Beads. I found the beads but there's no mention of a sale on the druks. They have a few of the colors in 4mm druks.