Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bracelet of the Day: Canterbury - Stone Amethyst

  • 15/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (15-457D)
  • 3mm fire polished beads "Stone Amethyst Luster"
  • 4mm fire polished beads "Stone Amethyst Luster"
  • 3mm fire polished beads "Montana Blue Luster"

I made this one yesterday and I finally made a Canterbury bracelet with all of the rows of embellishment that the pattern calls for. However, I scaled down the size by using smaller beads. The result is a very delicate, soft bracelet that's not too wide. Had I used the full size beads, it would have been a bit wider than I'd like and so many large fire polished beads would have been a little too overwhelming, I think. As it is, there are a lot of beads which make it look a little busy but at least the color is subtle enough that it works pretty well. I didn't even bother adding any clasp loops. I just inserted the jump rings into the ends of the bracelet and attached a toggle. I like using a toggle clasp on wider bracelets because they make them fit flatter against my arm. In the end though, this came out a little too long to stay up on my arm as a cuff so that's not an issue. I'm not sure if it would fit at all if I were to make it one motif shorter though so I'll leave it as it is. Of course I can always change my mind later and re-make it shorter.

I did have to tweak with the pattern slightly because of the smaller seed beads. In step 14, I had to add eight seed beads instead of seven. When I made my sample of this version I had used 5 seed beads in step 25 but for some reason four worked fine in my final version. I guess it makes a difference how tight your stitching is.

This pattern is by Nancy Peterson and you can buy it HERE.


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