Monday, July 11, 2016

Bracelet of the Day: Moon Ring - Gold & Smoky Topaz

  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • 3mm fire polished beads "Opaque Gold & Smoky Topaz Luster"
  • 4mm Swarovski bicones "Crystal Purple Haze"

This should be the last "Moon Ring" that I will blog about for a while. I had exactly enough of these bicones to make this bracelet. That makes me happy because I really don't like not having enough Swarovski crystals left over to make anything because they're so expensive. I got these from Aura Crystals and there's a link to them in the bead list above.

You can buy Deb's pattern at Around the Beading Table, HERE.

If you haven't tried this pattern yet, I highly recommend it. It looks intricate but it's a very quick bracelet to make and the instructions are super easy to follow. I timed myself while making this bracelet. I took my time and didn't rush. From start to finish, it took me about 50 minutes to complete it. I even did some extra reinforcing that isn't mentioned in the pattern. After I made each motif, I wove back around the perimeter once again before adding the next motif. Oh, and that 50 minutes included two screw-ups where I had to undo some stitching and re-thread my needle. In less than an hour, I still had time to take the clasp back off and add a couple more jump rings and put away my beading supplies for the night.



  1. Another great colourway, interesting to hear how long it took you to make. I never actually time myself but maybe I should for interest sake if nothing else.

    1. I wouldn't normally time myself either but it seemed like I was cranking out these bracelets rather quickly. I wondered if I was really making them as fast as it seemed so I watched the clock while making this last one.

  2. Thanks so very much for the time factor information! I love so many of Deborah's patterns. One of my favorites is "Eclipse" My Hobby Lobby finally carries superduos yay:)
    When a pattern that turns out as beautiful as "Moon Ring, has easy enough beads to locate and looks as if hours and hours were spent making to me is the perfect GIFT project. Also a big thank you for all of your fantastic color way ideas and beads used and of course your wonderful tutorial information and tweeks. I have taught a few basic jewelry making classes at a local library(for free) and always include your blog on my "further information" handout along with local chain craft shop coupons. I hope some of the patrons become followers..thank you so much Linda,
    Linda from Georgia

    1. I love "Eclipse" too and it just might be my absolute favorite of Deb's patterns. Thanks for mentioning my blog at your classes, Linda.

  3. Very nice. I also love Deb's patterns.