Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bracelet of the Day: Silver Silky Deco Chain

  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Full Labrador" (CZ131-27000)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Full Labrador" (CZ131-27000)
  • Silky beads "Crystal Full Labrador"
  • 3mm rondelles "Crystal Silver - #C41" (Beads One)

I bought the pretty Art Deco earring charms below at Hobby Lobby a while back but I didn't have a silver bracelet to wear with them. Recently I bought an assortment of beads in "Full Labrador" silver which is very close to the same shade of silver as my earrings. I have Silky beads, SuperDuos, 3mm druks, 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads in Full Labrador. I gathered up all of these beads as well as some crystals that looked a little like diamonds and set out to make a bracelet with them.

It was a bit of a challenge finding a pattern to use because I didn't have any 15/0 seed beads in that silver color. I settled on my "Silky Deco Chain" bracelet because it only calls for 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads and it also has Silky beads. To add a bit of diamond-like sparkle, I replaced some of the 8/0 seed beads with tiny rondelles that have a nice sparkle. Although the bracelet design isn't as intricate as the earrings, I think that they will go together well enough. It's not something that I'd wear with an evening gown (as if I'd ever wear such a thing), but it will be a fun set to wear for every day.

After making this bracelet, I did get some of these silver seed beads in size 15/0 so I might make something a little more elaborate to go with my earrings sometime. Red Panda has all three sizes of "Crystal Full Labrador" seed beads:

15/0 seed beads
11/0 seed beads
8/0 seed beads

You can download the free bracelet pattern from THIS post.

Last night Deb Roberti posted another new bracelet pattern for MiniDuo beads. You can buy the "Infinity Bracelet" pattern HERE


I might not post anything for a little while. I need to work on some bracelets and earrings for a birthday present and there are other non-beading things coming up that will cut into my beading time over the next week or so.


  1. The bracelet with the earrings is beautiful.It's understandable that you have other things to do but I will miss your posts. First thing each day I go to your blog. Always good things there.I'm working outside in my gardens all day so not much time to bead. I have time to buy a lot of beads tho. LOL

    1. There's always time to buy more beads! Have fun in your garden, Marge.

  2. Hi, Linda. Do you know where I would be able to purchase Miyuki crystal labrador beads at a good price? You seem to know where to get good deals on beads.

    1. Red Panda is the only place that I know of that has them but then I haven't really shopped around for them.