Thursday, May 10, 2018

Bracelet of the Day: Nouveau SuperDuo Chain - Dark Coral

  • 15/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • SuperDuo beads "Pastel Dark Coral"

I hadn't made this bracelet pattern in long time even though it's one of my all-time favorites. This is actually an adaptation of a necklace pattern by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel. You can buy her pattern in her Jewelry Tales Etsy shop HERE. When I bought these coral SuperDuos, I knew instantly that I wanted to use them to make this bracelet for myself.

If you'd like to see the other colorways that I've made, read my previous posts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. That last article shows how I make my clasp loops.

You definitely must use Miyuki seed beads when making this bracelet pattern because of all the delicate netting. Toho seed beads will work but the netting will look horribly messy because Toho 15/0 beads are very irregularly shaped.



  1. I am really bad because I don't label my beads so I would never know whether they were Toho or Miyuki (or possibly something else, like Preciosa).

    I don't usually run into problems but I have had to add or subtract seed beads from some patterns to make them work.

    1. I guess you'll just have to try what you have an see if you like the results. I'm not sure about Czech seed beads because I only have them in a few colors that I rarely use. They seem to be kind of flat and donut shaped but I don't know if that would be good or bad with this pattern.