Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tangle Variations

Today I thought I'd show you some tiles where I've used different colors and effects to draw the same tangles. It's pretty amazing how different a pattern can look depending on the colors that you use.

I blogged about the tile above HERE. As I mentioned in my previous post, I don't know the name of this one or if there is a pattern for it. I thought it was very pretty so I drew it again in the colorway that you see below.

I recently blogged about the "Laceflower" tile above HERE. The step-out is posted HERE at HERE. I thought it would make a pretty birthday card so I copied my original composition onto a new tile that you can see below. This time I made it fit the tile better. The crazy thing is that I couldn't figure out which colored pencil colors I had used on the first tile. I ended up using slightly different colors but I think I like it even better than the first one. A nice thing about re-drawing the same design is that I was able to tweak things that I wasn't happy with the first time.

"Curved Pickpocket" is Lila Holter's take on Tomás Padrós' "Pickpocket" tangle pattern. She posted her step-out HERE on Facebook and you'll find the step-out for the original "Pickpocket" by Tomás HERE on Instagram. 

After drawing the original "Pickpocket" several times, I found that Lila's version is a lot easier to draw and looks quite a bit different than the original. I used very bold, dark colors on my first tile above. For my second tile below, I went with pastel colors on darker cardstock. I love them both but they look very different from each other. I used a metallic gold Gelly Roll pen to draw the embellishments on both tiles. What you can't see in my scan is the clear glitter on all of the vertical lines on the tile below.

I tried "Window Grilles" for the first time the other night and it's a lot of fun to draw if you like drawing spirals like I do. The pattern is by Mei Hua Teng and you'll find her step-out HERE at

The tile above shows the basic tangle drawn as directed. In the next example, I drew it with a white Gelly Roll pen on a black tile as you can see below. Below that is one where the way that I colored and shaded it completely changed the appearance.

After drawing "Window Grilles" several times, it dawned on me that drawing the long swooping spirals felt a lot like drawing Mooka. That gave me the idea to follow the steps of the pattern but with "Mookas" in place of the spirals. As you can see below, that worked very nicely.


  1. Lovely work. It's amazing how shading or changing up the color scheme can make them look so different. I also like your Mooka adaptation. If your tangling work follows in the steps of your beadwork, I'll bet before long you'll be creating your own tangles!


    1. Thanks, Barbara. I actually have come up with two or three tangles but I haven't drawn up the step-outs for them yet.