Monday, November 21, 2016

Beading News - SuperDuo Duets

I've finally finished my Christmas beading and decided that I would take a couple of days to relax and do some fun beading before my Thanksgiving preparations begin. Last week I received 24 different colors of the new SuperDuo Duets beads and I've spent the past couple of days trying various colorways with several different patterns.

Duets are the same shape and size as regular SuperDuos. The difference is that they have a different color on each side. This two-toned look is very obvious with some of the colors and more subtle with others as you can see in the photo. I prefer the more subtle ones but I really like some of the bold ones when used in certain ways. It's all about finding just the right designs that take advantage of the two-tone look to create interesting effects. If you look at some of my samples (click on the photo to see if full size), you'll see how different effects can be created by simply switching the position of the light and dark colors in the beadwork when using the same pattern.

I'm not posting any pattern or bead color info in this post because I will do that when I blog about the bracelets that I'll be making based on my samples. If there are any samples that I decide not to make, I will tell you about them when I blog about bracelets made using the same patterns. Please be patient. I'll work on making these bracelets whenever I can squeeze them in while I work on my holiday projects and activities.

In the meantime, you can buy SuperDuo Duets at Red Panda and I've already spotted them on a few other beads sites as well.


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