Friday, September 1, 2017

September 2017 Calendar

Below is my calendar for September. I apologize for not posting any beadwork in so long. It just seems like so many things have come up in the past few months to keep me from having the time or inclination for beading. Just when I thought things would finally be back to normal so that I could get back into my beading routine, hurricane Harvey came along. My beading stuff is still put away and I just don't feel like spending my time making something frivolous like jewelry when so many people have lost everything here in Houston. I'm sure that I will get out of this funk soon so please bear with me.


  1. I was relieved to read your posts and hear that you remained safe. Such horror for all affected by the storm.

    1. I'm grateful to be among those who weren't affected by the storm. At the same time, I almost feel guilty that I wasn't affected when so many lost everything. Of course I had no control over it but it's hard not to think about how things could have turned out so differently.

  2. courage en ces durs moments, toutes nos pensées de France

  3. I totally understand your feelings...Take your time and the inspiration will flow! <3