Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Layered Tila Earrings - A Small Tweak

I got an idea after making the Tiny Treasures Earrings the other day. I've made many pairs of Layered Tila Earrings in all different colors but it bugs me that they have a tendency to spin sideways when I wear them. When I saw how nice and straight the Tiny Treasures earrings hang, I thought I might be onto something. I think the spinning problem was probably caused by having the fire polished bead in between the earring and the loop for the wire. I eliminated that and added the little "cross" of beads like on the Tiny Treasures and also added the same kind of loop at the top. That did the trick and I like how the loop looks even better than the way I was doing them before. The new loop has a little bit wider and chunkier look that better suits the shape and size of the earring.

Here is how they looked with the old loops:

And, here is how they look with the new ones:

I remade that pair of earrings last night using the new method. I've got three other pairs that I will remake as I find the time. I enjoy making that pattern so it won't be too much of a bother.

The Layered Tila Earrings are my adaptation of MyAmari's free bracelet pattern which you can find HERE. Well, it used to be there but today I'm just getting a blank page. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch. It's not just that particular page. I can't get the main page of her site to load either.

I blogged about these earrings on May 11th, HERE. You will find the bead color information in that post and see the bracelet that I made them to go with.

UPDATE: Yvonne King's (MyAmari) "Layered Tila Bracelet" pattern is now available from her blog HERE.



  1. I was wondering if you or one of your followers knew of another outlet (besides Charlene's Beads) for Miyuki thread. It's the best I have worked with and I would like to buy it in bigger spools if it is available.

    1. Sorry, but I don't. I didn't even know that Charlene sold Miyuki thread. I usually buy Nymo from her site in the large spools. I just went and took a look and I see that it's quite expensive. I buy the 350 yard spool of Nymo B for $3.50 and 55 yards of the Miyuki KO thread is $3.25. Ouch! They have it at Beadaholique and Artbeads on the same size spools for $4.75 so it's a bargain at Charlene's. It kind of looks like they don't sell it in larger spools or at least I couldn't find any with Google.