Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bracelet of the Day: Duo Bobble Band - Spring Green

  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457)
  • 3x4mm rondelles "Celery AB" (Chinese)
  • SuperDuo beads "Luster Gold"

For this one I used 4mm rondelles instead of 3mm druks for a different look. I made this bracelet for my step mother's birthday. My Dad asked me to make the "India" bracelet that I posted here on February 16 for her and I decided to throw in a bonus bracelet for free. It turned into a rather funny story that had me very puzzled until just a couple days ago. My Dad told me later that Penny loved the black and gold bracelet but he never mentioned anything about the green one. When I asked him what she thought of that one, he said he had no idea that there was a second bracelet in the box. I had sent them both in one of those little gift boxes with a pad of cotton in the bottom of it. He asked Penny if she had two bracelets and she said she only had the one. Finally the other day my Dad asked Penny to check under the cotton pad and there was the green bracelet! I was afraid that she had thrown out the box without ever finding the second bracelet. So, what was meant to be a nice surprise turned into a mystery. It would have been very interesting had the black and gold one slipped under the cotton and Penny had only seen the green one when she opened the box. She actually knew that I was making the black one for her birthday because I'd emailed my Dad a photo of a sample in advance. My Dad wanted to be sure that she would like it before I made the final bracelet and sent it.

Because my Dad was paying me to make the black and gold bracelet for Penny, I had to calculate the cost of the materials I used to make it. While I was at it, just out of curiosity, I also figured out the cost to make the green one. The black and gold "India" bracelet used about $7.00 worth of materials and the green one about $2.80. Of course my Dad paid me more than that plus the cost of the postage to mail it to Michigan.

By the way, I don't really know the color name for the rondelles since they don't come named or numbered where I bought them. It was a toss-up between "Spring Green" and "Celery". I bought those at Beadohlique from a bin where you have to dig through a pile of Chinese crystals that they call "Chinavoski". They have a large variety of rondelles, rounds and bicones in all sorts of pretty colors. I've learned though not to expect to find the same colors again the next time I go there. This week they're having a "Make your own Sale" as their weekly special. You choose a category of beads and get 20% anything that you buy from that category. I may go by there later today and see if they've got any 3mm Chinavoski bicones and get them 20% off. I found a few pretty colors last time I was there but I really had to hunt for that size.

UPDATE 1/24/18: A free pattern is now available and the new name for this pattern is "Lizbeth Band". Visit THIS post to download the free pattern.


  1. Where can I get the pattern for the duo bobble band?

    1. My friend, Teejay, created it based on Deb Roberti's "Bobble Bangle" pattern and there is no published pattern at this time.

  2. sorry to hear that...I'm pretty good with a pattern...not sure about free styling. I am loving your emails, info and tips, by the way.