Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bracelet of the Day: Perletovy

  • 3mm pearls
  • 6lb. FireLine or Nymo B thread (white)
  • 2 size 12 beading needles
  • Clasp

I thought I might as well write about one of the bracelets that you may have seen in my second blog post. I found the pattern on Pinterest but I'm not sure where it originally came from. The link on Pinterest goes to a site that's not in English so I can't say for sure that the owner of that site created this pattern. When I checked out the site last night, all of the pattern pictures on the page had been corrupted so I'm not inclined to post a link to it in case the site is infected with a virus or malware. There is a website printed on the pattern but that site apparently no longer exists. You can view a picture of the pattern HERE.

As you can see, there is not much in the way of instructions and the bead size isn't mentioned. I didn't want a huge bracelet so I used 3mm ivory pearls for mine. This is a 2-needle pattern and you'll need to use size 12 needles. You'll also need to use 6-pound FireLine or Nymo B because you will have to go through many of the beads several times.

For my 6-inch bracelet, I made nine motifs which took 153 pearls. 3mm pearls are $1.50 per strand at Beads One so this bracelet cost me around $2.00 to make. The bracelet will be 1/2-inch wide if you make it with 3mm pearls.

While this is not the sort of pattern that I would make over and over again, it was fun to make once and I like the vintage "from Grandma's jewelry box" look of it.



  1. Very pretty Bracelet. Thank You for this tutorial.
    Halina in Australia

  2. wher is the tutorial?

    1. There's a link to it at the very end of the first paragraph above.

    2. I can't find any tutorial ��

    3. I've fixed the link to the tutorial in my post above so that it's easier to spot. It's only a diagram. There are no instructions with it.

  3. Lovely bracelet and the rose clasp is a touch of elegance