Friday, April 12, 2019

Lattice Gates Variation - Lila Vega Luster

  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Pewter" (4222)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Pewter" (4222)
  • 12mm Pyramid beads "Chalk White Matted Lila Vega Luster"
  • SuperDuo beads "Jet Old Silver"

Back in 2015, I came up with a single row variation of Norma Jean Dell's "Lattice Gates Bracelet" pattern using Silky beads instead of CzechMates tiles. You can buy her pattern HERE on Etsy. I call my Silky bead version "Sandra Silky Bracelet". I have made my version quite a few times over the years and you can read some of my posts HERE, HERE and HERE.

Last year, I was given some unusual Pyramid beads in three wonderful grungy matte colors that have the look of stone. I finally had a chance to make something with them a few days ago and "Lattice Gates" was a perfect pattern to use. The main "Lattice Gates" motif was just the thing to go in between the Pyramid beads because they're close to the same size and they're somewhat squarish in shape. The bracelet has a chunky look but it's not heavy.

I had to really hunt through my bead stash to find SuperDuos that would complement the colors of the Pyramid beads because they don't make them in any of those colors. For today's bracelet I just used pewter colored beads and I think that this one is my favorite of the three bracelets. I will show you the other two colorways tomorrow and on Sunday.

Red Panda has these Pyramid beads HERE.


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