Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday Tangles

Inspired by Melinda Barlow's video, I drew Irina Sedova's "Jewel" tangle by adding "Molygon" along with it. I blended the colors with odorless paint thinner. Click HERE for the pattern and HERE to watch Melinda's video. The step-out for the official Zentangle pattern "Molygon" can be found HERE.

I got Sharon Robinson's pattern "Sp-Eye-Ryl" HERE at TanglePatterns.com.

"Elven" is by H.Elena and her pattern step-out is HERE on her blog. There are three video links HERE at Pattern-Collections.com for drawing this tangle.

I haven't had much luck drawing this pattern as directed by the step-out. Instead of drawing it freehand, I find it much easier to draw it on a grid. I draw the whole design in pencil first then go over it with ink and erase the grid once I'm happy with how it looks.

This is how I draw "Elven":

Here are three more examples that I drew using a grid:

"Tripoli" is one of the official Zentangle patterns and the step-out is HERE. I prefer to draw "Tripoli" on a grid because I get horribly messy results when I try to draw it freehand.

Below you can see the grid that I set up for drawing "Tripoli":

First I draw a series of horizontal lines. Next, I draw a zigzag of triangles all the way across the first row. I mirror the zigzags in the next row then repeat doing this in the remaining rows. The triangles of the grid come out just wonky enough that the design doesn't come out looking too perfect. I haven't tried this, but I think this method would also work if the horizontal lines were a little wavy rather than straight.


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