Saturday, May 12, 2018

Tangles for Today

Tomorrow I will be blogging about a wonderful free bracelet pattern that I found online the other day. Today I've been struggling with the sun to take some photos of the two that I've made so far. I just finished taking the photos but they still need to be edited. In the meantime, here are a few more tangles.

"Acacia" is by Kasturi Das and her pattern is HERE at

"D'rua" is by Mei Hua Teng CZT and you'll find her step-out HERE at and also on her blog HERE.

"Heartland" is also by Kasturi Das and her pattern is HERE at

This whimsical tangle called "ICC" (ice cream cone) is by Lindy Clarkson. I couldn't resist adding some sprinkles. Click HERE for her pattern.

"Jummah", by Cyndi Knapp, is found HERE at HERE is a link to Melinda Barlow's video about this tangle.

"Pickerpocker", by Staub Korn, is posted HERE at HERE is a link to Ellen Wolter's video about this pattern.

Renee King's "Riki Tiki" can be found HERE at

There is no step-out for this pattern called "Sneil". It comes from a YouTube video by Alena Light that you can watch HERE.

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