Thursday, October 26, 2017

Today's Tangles

"Aommes" is by Cindy Angiel. Cindy has loads of interesting patterns on her Flickr page but I couldn't find this one there. I did find it posted HERE on Pinterest. has a link to a YouTube video HERE.

You'll find the step-out for Leslie Crumpler's "Fungees" HERE at There are links to three videos there too.

Damy's step-out for "MAP (M_Apple)" is available on her blog HERE. As you can see, I used apple-like colors on my example. The "seeds" in the center were my idea.

Michele Beauchamp's "Popsicles" tangle is posted on her blog HERE. I messed up where the shapes intersect but it still looks pretty cool.



  1. Linda,

    Thanks again for sharing your tangles. Popsicles feels very '70s to me. I like the curves but feel more comfortable drawing straighter lines. Are there particular styles or types you tend to prefer?


    1. I'm still trying new tangles and learning as I go along which kinds I enjoy drawing the most. I do seem to like the organic styles the best though.