Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Today's Tangles

I thought I do a leafy/floral theme for today's tangle designs. "Euca" is by Anne Marks and you'll find her step-out HERE on her blog.

"Podz" is by Nancy Newlin and you can get the pattern at Tangle Patterns HERE. Just for fun, I drew mine without the borders around the flowers.

You'll find Melinda Barlow's "Nymph" pattern at HERE. You'll also find links to Melinda's video tutorial as well as two other videos. Although I used a grid to draw mine, I erased the pencil lines when I was done.

Nicole Dreyer likes to design quirky tangles. I probably wouldn't have noticed "Splashies" if I hadn't watched Melinda Barlow's video about it. You see, it wasn't meant to be a floral tangle. I think they are splashing droplets of water. I like Melinda's idea of turning them into flowers and that's the way I drew mine too. The step-out is HERE at Watch Melinda's video HERE.

I found the "Undergrowth" pattern HERE on Judy West's Creative Doodling blog. It would make a wonderful filler or embellishment. I love it, especially with a hint of color added.


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