Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Tangles

This pattern is called "ButtaCup" and is by Shawna Martin. Download the pattern HERE at

This is four variations of the same tangle which is called "El Prado". I think it makes a very pretty border. If you look carefully, you'll see that the drop shadow isn't correct. I added the shadow to each side individually but I read somewhere that in Zentangle there is no wrong way to tangle so it doesn't bother me.

This pattern is by Maria Tovar, CZT and you'll find it HERE on her blog. HERE is a link to a YouTube tutorial for "El Prado".

"3 Stand Up" is by Linda Rea who goes by texasdoxiemama on Flickr. You'll find her step-out HERE. I like how it looks with and without the aura around the outside.

"Apacore" is another apple-themed tangle and is by Lori Manoogian, CZT. The step-out is HERE at Click HERE to watch a video tutorial by Melinda Barlow, CZT.


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