Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday morning update

We continue to be among the lucky people who haven't been flooded. The wind has picked up and they're predicting more rain for today. I've been hearing about there being flooding in a lot of areas around us so it's uncertain what will happen in our neighborhood when area rivers reach flood stage in the next few days. The street outside our house is no longer flooded and the drainage ditch behind our house has gone down to the point where I can no longer see the water from the house. That's a very good sign.

Here is this morning's weather map showing that we're currently going through a nice dry spell:



  1. so happy it is a little better keep you in our prayers

  2. Greetings Linda,
    Glad all is well with you!
    Thank you for your contribution and inspiration to the "bead world".
    -Eva Maria

  3. Happy to see you are safe and sound. I've been concerned about you all week-end. Hope the weather improves soon and life can return to normal. [Linda in Iowa]