Friday, August 11, 2017

Good article about beading needles and thread

While you're waiting for me to blog about my beadwork, check out this great article by Deb Roberti at Around the Beading Table. Click HERE to read Deb's article.


  1. Money-saving tip: We have a Bass Pro Shop here in our little town and I've discovered the best way to get Fireline is to stock up on their once a year sale. The 300 yard size lasts a good while & I always keep 4, 6 & 8lb. spools of both colors on hand. The smaller spools for the 10lb. work because they aren't used it that often. If you don't have a store close at hand, their sale price is often also online.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Barbs44. I think I priced it there a while back. If I'm remembering correctly, the local Bass Pro store didn't have the 6lb smoke in stock and it would have cost too much to buy it online by the time I paid for shipping and tax. I believe that it was also on sale the time that I looked and it was still more than the place where I get mine.

  2. linda , see free inspiration from Czech Republic - Matubo beads and from Preciosa :