Thursday, December 1, 2016

24 Days of Advent Bracelets

On Monday I blogged HERE about the advent "chocolate" box that I made for my friend Teejay. I also showed you the advent boxes that Teejay sent me for Christmas in 2013. This was before I had started this blog so I never blogged about the boxes or the bracelets that Teejay made for me that Christmas. Luckily, I took photos of all 24 bracelets that Teejay made and numbered them according to the day that I opened them that December. She used some patterns that are for sale or free but some of them were her own original designs. You will probably recognize some of these...

DECEMBER 1 - Bronze and Red Tila Bracelet

You can buy this bracelet pattern HERE.

DECEMBER 2 - Duo Bobble Band

I've blogged about this design by Teejay many times. She adapted Deborah Roberti's "Bobble Bangles" pattern to make it work with 2-hole SuperDuos. I'm planning to make a pattern for it soon. 

UPDATE 1/24/18: A free pattern is now available and the new name for this pattern is "Lizbeth Band". Visit THIS post to download the free pattern.

DECEMBER 3 - Quick SuperDuo Bracelet

Teejay tweaked the pattern a little by connecting the motifs with SuperDuos. You'll find the free tutorial HERE.

DECEMBER 4 - Octopus Bracelet

This was made using a free pattern which you can download HERE.

DECEMBER 5 - Loretta Bracelet

This was made with what used to be a free earring pattern. Now you can buy it at EwaHotBeads Etsy HERE.

DECEMBER 6 - Tallulah Tila Bracelet

This is another original design by Teejay and you can download the free pattern from THIS post.

DECEMBER 7 - Tapestry Bracelet?

I'm pretty sure that Teejay adapted this from a pattern that was from an Etsy shop that has closed.

DECEMBER 8 - Teejay made this one using a Japanese bracelet diagram that she found online somewhere.

DECEMBER 9 - Tapestry Bracelet?

Pattern is no longer available for sale.

DECEMBER 10 - Key Largo Bracelet

I'm pretty sure that Teejay adapted this from a pattern that you can buy at mybeads4you on Etsy HERE.

DECEMBER 11 - Nouveau SuperDuo Chain

This was adapted from a necklace pattern that you can buy at JewelryTales on Etsy HERE. I've blogged about this pattern quite a few times.

DECEMBER 12 - Hexagon Duo Bracelet

Teejay adapted this from an earring pattern by Kelly Dale. You can buy the pattern in her Etsy shop HERE. Kelly also has a YouTube tutorial for this pattern HERE.

DECEMBER 13 - Dragonfly Bracelet

This is now one of my favorite bracelet patterns but I had never made one myself before Teejay made this one for me. You can buy Justyna's pattern at InMemoryOfEridhan Etsy HERE.

DECEMBER 14 - Unknown pattern.

It might be THIS free pattern.

DECEMBER 15 - Quick SuperDuo Bracelet

You can find this tutorial HERE.

DECEMBER 16 - Unknown pattern

It might be THIS free pattern.

DECEMBER 17 - Unknown pattern

It's some kind of tubular peyote stitch, I think. Isn't it cool?

DECEMBER 18 - Nouveau SuperDuo Chain

You can buy this pattern HERE.

DECEMBER 19 - Duo Bobble Band Variation

Teejay modified the original "Duo Bobble" to make this one.

DECEMBER 20 - Duo Bobble Band

I'm pretty sure this is another "Duo Bobble" variation.

DECEMBER 21 - Tallulah Tila Bracelet

Another beauty and original design by Teejay. Download her free pattern HERE.

DECEMBER 22 - Unknown pattern

I'm pretty sure that Teejay created this design.

DECEMBER 23 - Round Lace Bracelet

This is a free tutorial by Sandra Halpenny which you can find HERE. Teejay changed it up a bit by adding a fire polished bead in the center of each motif.

DECEMBER 24 - Bobble Band Variation

I've blogged about this design a few times. I plan to make a pattern for it sometime.



  1. Good grief...we were do you think our parcels are passing in the air right now.... .i havent made you as many this time but they are all one of a kinds...fingers crossed they ....and you like them.x

    1. It was a crazy idea but it sure was fun opening them all, wasn't it?

    2. Do you remember where you got those plastic storage boxes? Someone was asking about them.

  2. Whoa! It was a lot of fun seeing all these designs together.

  3. yes i do remember where i found those containers it is a shop called 'Clas Ohlson' i have spelled it correctly i checked lol. they sell all sorts of tools etc. it may be from Sweden or somewhere equally as wonderful but they have an outlet in Yorkshire. they cost a tribillion dollars each.

    1. That looks like a fun place to explore for odds and ends. It also looks like the sort of place that won't have the same things the next time you go there.

  4. I think the unknown pattern for December 14 is a modification of this one:

    1. You may be right about that. It also looks similar to December 16's bracelet.

  5. I love all the patterns and want to try out some of them