Sunday, November 29, 2015

Valentine Bracelet - A sneak peek

I just did a second test run of the bracelet that I've been blogging about and came up with the perfect solution for making the bracelet a little bit longer without resorting to lots of jump rings and other extensions. The solution was so simple that I can't believe I didn't think of it before. Although I don't have any extra Pinch beads, I did have one extra Montee. I also have some very similar Montees that I'd bought for myself. Instead of being "Clear" ones, mine are called "Silver Shade". The difference between them is very slight so I went ahead and used one of those which gave me two extra Montees.

So, instead of starting the bracelet with a Pinch bead motif, I started with one of the smaller Montee motifs. I also ended the bracelet with the same motif. These two extra smaller motifs made the bracelet just the right size with only one jump ring on each side of the clasp. I'm so glad that I thought of doing this because it looked very awkward with six jump rings and extra seed beads and Kheops beads added to extend the length. The total length of this bracelet is 8 1/2 inches to fit a size 8 wrist.

The weather is overcast today so I couldn't get a very good photo, but you should be able to tell what I did. This is only a sample and I will make the final bracelet using FireLine and do lots of reinforcing, which I didn't do this time. Click on the photo to see it larger.


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