Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gypsy Earrings - Violet Luster

  • 15/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457D)
  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457D)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Dark Bronze" (457D)
  • 6mm druks "Opaque Gold and Smoky Topaz Luster"
  • SuperDuo beads "Opaque Violet White Luster"
  • 4mm fire polished beads "Pink White Moon Dust"
  • 3.4mm Miyuki drop beads "Metallic Dark Bronze" (457D)

I blogged previously about this design HERE, HERE and HERE. This is a variation of the original design and has Miyuki drop beads replacing the 8/0 seed beads and the netting along the bottom edge.

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