Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New seed bead colors in the mail today

Back in March, I ordered some Toho Takumi Large-Hole 11/0 seed beads from Artbeads because they were a bronze color that I hadn't seen before. It's a metallic color that I've been hoping to find since back when I first started beading. My favorite bronze seed beads from Walmart were the same color but they were crummy Chinese beads and I hated working with them. So, I've been keeping an eye on the seed beads in various online shops in the hope that either Toho or Miyuki would come out with a similar color. I had a feeling that if Toho made this color in the Takumi beads, they just might also make that color in regular seed beads.

I looked up a Toho color chart online and, sure enough, they make this color in the regular 15/0, 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads! Now I needed to find a shop that had that color for sale in all three sizes. So far I've only found them in one place - Simply Beads - and they do have them in all three sizes, HERE, HERE and HERE. The color is called "Metallic Bronze Antique Gold" and the color number is Toho #225. Although the beads weren't on sale, they were much cheaper than what I'd pay at the local bead shop for the same quantity. A large tube would cost at least $15 at the local shop and I'd also have to pay sales tax there. I paid about $8.00 per tube at Simply Beads.

The nice thing about this color is that it goes very well with some other beading items that I buy. It goes perfectly with the Vintaj natural brass filigree, the brass metal beads that I buy at Hobby Lobby, and it also goes quite well with a lot of the bronze clasps and findings that I have.

Metallic Bronze Antique Gold Takumi Beads

I wanted to get free shipping on my order so I needed to spend at least $50 at Simply Beads. It was very convenient of them to also carry some of the Toho "hybrid" seed bead colors that most other online shops are always out of and some I'd never seen before. I didn't buy them, but they also have seed beads with the new "metallic suede" finish to go with the druks, SuperDuos and fire polished beads, etc. that come in those colors. These are the colors that I got:

Hybrid Opaque Luster Green Picasso #Y182

Hybrid Luster Gold Smoky Topaz Rose and Green #Y185

Hybrid Moon Dust #Y369

Hybrid Rosy Mauve Gold Topaz Satin Luster #Y508F

I'm very happy to have found the "Metallic Bronze Antique Gold" beads and I'm still holding out hope that Miyuki will eventually come out with one of my other favorite bead colors: Metallic Chocolate #461. At this time, it's only available in size 11/0.


  1. Oh No!! More beautiful beads to drool over and I am trying to be good and not buy anything more for a while.

  2. Hello, Elijah from Simply Beads here. Today we were in the possess of doing our orders and couldn't figure out why so many people are ordering color 225! I'm guessing that this post may have helped so thank you for the extra business! Also just to let you know we also carry 225 in size 6/0

    Have a great day!

    1. That's funny, Elijah, but I do hear the same thing from a lot of the shops that I feature on my blog. I'm glad to bring you some business. This was my very first order from Simply Beads and it was because of those #225 seed beads.