Saturday, May 23, 2015

Elinor Earrings preview

Can you spot the new earrings in the photo? The "Elinor" pattern does make very pretty earrings. I took a photo of them next to those other earring samples so that you can see how small and dainty they are. What do you think of them? I love them! You can get the bead information from Wednesday's post HERE.


  1. Shame on you! You stole my idea! lol . But don't they make great earrings - even by themselves? You were saying lately that you wanted to make earrings that weren't always round. These are exquisite! I want to make a pair in every color superduo I have!

    1. I took what you and Teejay said as a challenge. I do love the shape very much. I didn't have to do much tweaking of the bracelet motif to make them.

  2. I would say you conquered that challenge!