Friday, May 9, 2014

SuperDuo Flower Chain Earrings Variation

The other day I made a variation of my earring pattern to go with my Farfalle Bracelet which I posted about on February 27th HERE. I used my free earring pattern which you can download from HERE. What I did this time was omit the small top motif and then added an 8/0 seed bead at the top to put the jump ring through. Here's a photo of the original design for comparison:

By the way, I checked all of my other file download links and TinyUpload had removed all of those too. This morning I uploaded all of the files again and corrected the links in my posts. Just so that this doesn't happen again, I'll make a point of downloading all of the files once a week myself just to keep the links active. Otherwise TinyUpload will delete any files that haven't been downloaded in 100 days. I don't think that's what happened though because I know for sure that some of the files had been downloaded within the past week.

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