Saturday, March 31, 2018

Today's Tangles

"Flyte" is by Sharon Paz and her pattern is found HERE at

Cindy Angiel's "Metal Plate" can be found HERE on Flickr.

"Phicops" gave me a lot of trouble when I was just starting to draw tangles. I put it aside and moved on to other patterns but I recently decided to give it another go. I've finally come up with a way to draw it that works well for me and I was so pleased that I wanted to do something colorful with it. The pattern is by Brad Harms who is the husband of CZT Laura Harms and you'll find the step-out HERE on her blog. has links to a few videos for this tangle HERE.

This pattern is by Margaret McKerihan and her pattern is HERE at I'm not sure if I've drawn "Ta-Da" quite like the pattern instructs because mine was inspired by a tile that I'd seen on Pinterest.

"Zen Gordia" is by Claudia-Gossens and her pattern is HERE at You'll find two video links there too. I used colored pencils and mineral spirits to create the watercolor effect on these three tiles. On the two examples below, I drew a variation that has smooth edges.

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