Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Today's Tangles - Grid Patterns

These tangles are all drawn on grids. I drew all of the grids with pencil and erased the lines later except for Bales. I used my pen to draw the grid for Bales because the grid becomes a part of the design.

"Bales" is an official tangle by the creators of Zentangle. The step-out came from THIS Zentangle newsletter. also has a step-out for Bales HERE and there are lots of video links there as well. 

"Fat-X" is by Yu.Ru Chen and her pattern is posted at HERE. You'll also find a video there by Dawn Collins for this pattern. 

"Harfe" is by Jennifer Hohensteiner CZT and her pattern can be found at HERE. MimiXy has a YouTube video for this tangle HERE.

"Kathy" is by Poppie_60 (Lila Popcheff/Lila
Holter) and the pattern is HERE on her blog. 

UPDATE: I just found out that this pattern is also available at HERE. Dawn Collins also has a video for this pattern HERE. I missed it because I didn't start tangling until the summer of 2017.

The creator of "O2" (oh-two) is unknown but the step-out is found HERE at

"Rainboy" is by Gaylene Miller and her pattern and a video are HERE at I drew mine a little different than that pattern. Besides erasing my grid, I also changed the handles on the little "umbrellas".

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