Thursday, March 15, 2018

Today's Tangles - A Few More Official Tangles

All of today's tangle patterns are from the creators of Zentangle. I found step-outs or video tutorials for some of them but I had to guess how to draw some of the others by looking at examples that I found online.

The step-out for "AQUAFLEUR" is posted in THIS issue of the Zentangle newsletter. There are several video tutorials HERE at I also found one other video HERE.

I don't have a step-out or any information about how to draw "Centipede". All I know is that it's on Linda Farmer's list of official tangles that she has posted HERE at I found a couple of examples of this tangle on Pinterest and it looked pretty easy to figure out.

There is a description of "Drupe" HERE at as well as a link to a step-out by Sandy Bartholomew CZT. The step-out is posted HERE on Sandy's blog. has links to several videos about "Drupe" HERE.

I've only seen some rather sketchy step-outs for "Dyon" on Pinterest but there are a few video tutorials out there. HERE is one by Melinda Barlow CZT. My example was inspired by a drawing that I saw on Pinterest and it's only loosely similar to the official version of "Dyon". Click HERE for another video. "Dyon" is also featured along with several other tangles in THIS video.

There is a step-out for "Nipa" HERE at There is a little more detailed description HERE on CZT Adele Bruno's blog. You'll find three video tutorials HERE at

I've blogged about "Rumpus" before HERE. This tangle was featured in the "Twelve Days of Zentangle" series last December. You can watch a video of Maria Thomas drawing "Rumpus" on the Zentangle YouTube channel HERE. Melinda Barlow CZT also has a video about this tangle HERE.


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