Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Tangles

"Anooka" is by Smita Toke and her pattern is HERE at There is also a link to Dawn's video for this pattern there. It takes some patience to draw all those fine lines but it's good practice and the results are pretty stunning.

"Fife" is an official Zentangle pattern. The step-out can be found in THIS Zentangle newsletter. There are quite a few videos for this pattern and there are four of them HERE at

"Maryhill" is by Betsy Wilson and you'll find her step-out HERE on her blog. There are a couple of video links HERE at

If I hadn't seen Dawn's video of Silke Wagner's "Schleck", I might not have given it a try. Dawn made it look fun and it is fun to draw and color. The pattern and Dawn's video are HERE at

"Vache 1" is by Geneviève Crabe CZT. There is information about this tangle at HERE and the step-out can be found HERE at and also HERE on Geneviève's blog. There are two video links at as well.

Husband said my example looks weird because I drew those lines extending out to the edge. I don't care what he thinks; I only did it for fun on a whim. I think that "Vache 1" would work great for making a tangle "sampler" by filling each section with a different tangle and I plan to try that. I think it's a lot of fun to draw even if it's not one of the prettier tangles.

"Wheelz" is by Joyce Block CZT and her pattern is HERE on her blog. It's a little zany but fun to draw. There are a couple of videos HERE at for this tangle.


  1. You can't be kept in a box, that's why you expanded the lines on Vache 1. ;)