Friday, January 19, 2018

Today's Tangles

Jenna Black's "Trisnail" tangle step-out can be found at HERE. There is a video tutorial at Artzyfartzy HERE.

"Betwix'd" by Cyndi Anderson is posted HERE at Mimi Xy has a video tutorial HERE. I used a pencil grid for mine and erased it when I was finished drawing.

Ina Sonnenmoser's "Crescent Worms" pattern is on HERE. There is also a link to a video on that page.

I didn't think that I'd be able to draw "Buckled-Up!", which is by Tomás Padrós, but it turned out that it's not at all as difficult as it looks. I started with a pencil grid to help keep my circles lined up neatly. You'll find his step-out HERE on Instagram.

You probably know of Carole Ohl for her wonderful beading patterns which she sells HERE on Etsy. But, did you know that she also happens to be a Zentangle CZT? Every year she publishes a unique calendar book called "tangle*a*day". For every day of the year there is a space to do some tangling. Carole sent me a copy of the 2018 "tangle*a*day" calendar book and I've been pretty diligently keeping up with it by drawing two or three days worth at a time. For information about where to buy a copy of Carole's fun calendar book, visit her blog HERE. Last night I drew a more colorful version of the "Buckled-Up!" tangle in January 18's square and below you can see a scan of that page from my book:


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